About LinksRank

Welcome to LinksRank

LinksRank is a website to help website owners to find backlinks to their websites. Backlinks are still the number one way to rank high within the Organic Search Engines Result Pages.

Understanding your backlinks and trying to replicate simular backlink profiles as your competitors, you should be able to match and even outrank your competitors within the Search Engines.

The service that we provide is free, and we will try to keep it this way for as long as possible. We believe this information should be available to anyone on the web, and easily accessable.

How to view your backlinks

Simply enter your websites domain name / url in the search box above, and click the search button. We will then check our Links Database and retrieve all of the information related to the domain name you have provided. We provide a summary view first of all of the links that we find, and you can access the rest of the information by clicking on the detail links on the page.

Database updates

The Links Database is being updated as we speak. However, we provide a summary of the links we have found up until the last report summary. The summaries are updated every day, however you can request an update, by clicking on the "Refresh" button. The system will retrieve all of the latest information available an refresh the summary data.

Summitting links we have not yet scanned

We scan and index as many pages as possible. However we can only discover pages if they are links from another page on the internet. For this reason we might not have all of the pages available, however if you have a pages that you think we should check, please use the Backlink Scanner. This page will allow you to enter up to 1000 urls that you think we should scan and index, and at the same time, it will allow you to see if these pages actually link back to your domain.